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Full & Partial Event PlannIng

Wedding Planner 360°

It is the ‘complete package’. We design and realise the entire event. It is the ideal solution for those who

  • wish to be relieved of the hassle of preparation
  • has little time and wants the guarantee of a perfect wedding
  • need to stick to a budget.

Starting from your needs, we draw up a complete project that, together with you, we will decide to realise or modify. Throughout the preparation period, meetings will be scheduled to discuss and illustrate the way forward, including budget control.

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Wedding Planner Distance Consultancy: Your Wedding, Your Planning, Our Online Guide

If you wish to organise your wedding independently, but feel the need for expert support for certain decisions, our distance counselling service is for you. This service is dedicated to couples who wish to manage their wedding planning independently but appreciate having an expert take an outside look and offer valuable advice.

Whether it’s choosing suitable suppliers, advice on floral decorations, a hand with planning your special day or simply a check to be sure of your choices, we are here for you.

Contact me by phone, email or WhatsApp specifying your interest in remote counselling. We will schedule a video call lasting about an hour and a half. In this meeting, we will analyse your needs together, discuss possible obstacles and find solutions. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish. We will provide you with all the information you need to plan your special day.

You can choose to take advantage of the one-time consultation or schedule multiple meetings to receive support at different stages of the organisation.

Finally, if you wish, you can also consider requesting my presence on the wedding day. Your satisfaction and the realisation of your dream wedding are our priority.

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Wedding Planner for a day

The wedding planner is only required to be present on the wedding day to coordinate all the suppliers, draw up the day’s programme and control the timing of the event.

This way you will have a perfectly coordinated team and everything will be perfect on the wedding day.

This includes:

  • The necessary meetings with the bride and groom for the reception and processing of all indications regarding suppliers, location, decorations, guest coordination, etc.
  • Two meetings with suppliers, one after the event and one the day before
  • Timing.
  • Coordination of suppliers and presence throughout the wedding day.

Wedding Planner Ad Hoc

This formula is suitable for brides and grooms who have already chosen a few suppliers and wish to have help from a professional for just a few aspects of the wedding.

For example, they may have already chosen the location and need advice on the choice of catering and floral decorations.

In this case too, a plan is drawn up with a description of the services required and a budget is defined.

For those who wish, the entire decorative part (wedding design) is conceived and planned.

This is tailor-made for the couple and services vary according to specific requests.

Wedding Designer

We will take care of the conception, design and realisation of the entire decorative part.

Our aim will be to make your day unforgettable through scenery, colours and lights that will amaze and excite your guests.

This service includes:

  • A cognitive meeting and drafting of the couple’s file.
  • Study of the spaces and the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the location.
  • Choice of event style
  • Conception and design of decorations using moodboards.
  • Study of brightness and choice of lights.
  • Design and choice of floral decorations
  • Choice of printing suite for invitations, invitations, menus, tableau mariage, place cards, mass booklets.
  • Setting up and dismantling of decorations and floral decorations during the event
  • Setting up and dismantling of all decorations: Place cards, favours, tableau mariage, confetti table, cake table, photobooth set-up.

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